How To Build A Yoga Kit For Beginners

One of the many great things about yoga, is that you don’t have to buy very much at all to get started. Unlike running or the gym, where you need to at least invest in some decent trainers (not cheap!), you can get started with yoga with just a mat. If you have non-slip flooring then you might even be able to get away without that initially! However, once you’ve decided that you want to practice yoga regularly (maybe you’re hooked after trying out some of the beginner’s yoga poses and workouts!), it’s a good idea to get yourself sorted out with a basic yoga kit for beginners. There’s something very motivating about getting some nice new exercise accessories, and investing in a basic yoga kit for beginners will also help you to improve your practice, as everything you’ll buy is geared towards assisting you in achieving the best yoga workout you can.

All in one yoga kit for beginners

Personally, I started out doing my first few yoga workouts on the living room carpet, but then once I was sure I was going to keep going with my yoga practice, I got myself a nice new yoga mat. It made a big difference, as I felt much steadier, so I could go deeper into a lot of the poses. It also became kind of like a little ritual, getting my yoga mat out and settling down for some yoga-time! And I was no longer reminded of the fact that I needed to vacuum the carpet every time I got down on the floor. After that, I made a couple more purchases over the following weeks, and before long I had what you might call a basic yoga kit for beginners – so don’t think that you have to get it all in one go if you’d rather not, you can just see how you get on over time.

Read on for my top recommendations for what you should invest in to make up your own yoga kit for beginners, and what each item can do for you. Let me know if you decide to get any of these, and if so how you get on with them, I’d love to know!

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How To Build Your Own Yoga Kit For Beginners

A Yoga Mat

As I’ve mentioned, a good-quality yoga mat should be your first purchase if you’re going to be practicing yoga on a regular basis. It might even be the only purchase you want to make to begin with. A good yoga mat can make all the difference to your yoga poses, as it stops you from slipping, helps you to feel grounded, and makes the sitting and lying poses much more comfortable. Mats can vary hugely in price, but there’s no need to spend a fortune as a beginner unless you really want to treat yourself.

How to choose the best yoga mat for beginners
Gaiam yoga mat, around $21.98 on Amazon

I initially wrote a whole lot here about choosing the best yoga mat, but then I realised that it was a ridiculously long post, so I’ve moved all the information on choosing the best yoga mat to an article all of its own, and you can click here to open that in a separate tab – it’ll tell you all that you need to know to find the mat that’s right for you.

Aside from a good mat, the other two main components of a basic yoga kit for beginners, are yoga blocks and straps.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are a fantastic aid for beginners (and they can be very useful for yoga pros too). As a beginner, you’ll mostly use them to assist you when you’re not quite flexible enough to go into a pose fully. For example in triangle pose, you might struggle to reach the floor with your hand on one side. In that case, you would just pop a block on that side, and it will effectively bring the floor up towards you so that you can reach it. Since the blocks are rectangular, you can position them at three different heights depending on how far you can go. This short video does a good job of explaining how to use yoga blocks, and shows why it can be useful to have two of them to support different parts of your body (I’ll try to do a post on even more ways to use them soon!).

In terms of which yoga blocks to buy, it’s not as complicated as choosing your yoga mat, as the main differentiating factors are just the materials they’re made from and the price. As far as materials go, you have several choices including lightweight foam, or natural bamboo or cork. It’s just personal choice, as they all do essentially the same thing. Here are a couple of my top picks…

Nu-Source 2-piece yoga block set
$8.95 on Amazon (or $13.99 for the black ones)

Yoga blocks for your yoga kit for beginners

A good set of basic blocks and fantastic value. Each block is 9 x 6 x 4 inches, weighs 0.7 lbs, and is made from lightweight foam. All round, a good basic addition to your yoga kit.

Set of 2 ‘Basically Perfect’ Cork Yoga Blocks
$32.99 on Amazon

Yoga blocks for yoga kit for beginners

A nice eco-friendly choice, these are built to last and robust. Although they’re more expensive than the foam blocks, there are plenty of cork blocks at around this price for a single block, so these are quite good value. I like the fact that they don’t have branding on them, as it adds to the clean stylish look. A cork block is a good choice if you prefer a slightly firmer and stronger block.

A Yoga Strap

A yoga strap can basically act as an extension of your limbs! By doing so, it’ll allow you to achieve those poses you’re not quire flexible enough to perform fully, in a similar way to the blocks. So, if you can’t reach your toes in a seated forwards bend, you just hook the strap round your feet and hold that instead. As with the blocks, most straps are quite similar, but I would recommend one with a metal clasp rather than a plastic one, as it’ll last longer. A good basic choice for beginners is the Clever Yoga strap, which costs $7.54 on Amazon (prices vary a little depending on which of the seven colors you choose).

Yoga strap for your yoga kit for beginners

And here’s another handy little vid to show you the basics of using a yoga strap…

All-In-One Yoga Kit For Beginners

If you really want to take the legwork out of putting together your own kit, you can buy a ready-made yoga kit for beginners. This can be a really convenient option as it’s so quick and easy, but of course the downside is that you don’t get to pick and choose everything tailored to your own individual requirements. That said, several of the kits available are good quality, and include decent yoga mats. I’ve scoped out several options and this one comes out top…

Complete 7-piece kit comprising mat, 2 yoga blocks, yoga strap, yoga mat towel, yoga hand towel, and carry case
$34.89 on Amazon 

Another good-value buy from Clever Yoga, everything in here is of a good standard and perfect for beginners. There are four color options (pink, blue, green and purple), and the price varies a little depending on which you choose. Overall, this is a good investment to get an all-in-one yoga kit for beginners, without compromising on quality.

All in one yoga kit for beginners

Fun Optional Extras!

Once you’ve built your basic yoga kit, you might want to treat yourself to a couple of added extras! Obviously none of these are essential, but I love this bag, water bottle, and yoga rug. Just some ideas if you feel like treating yourself a little!

Yoga Mat Bag, $15.98

(26 x 6.8 inches – will fit a standard sized mat)

Yoga kit for beginners yoga mat

Water bottle, $13.99

(price varies depending on color choice and size!)

Yoga kit for beginners water bottles

Yoga Blanket, $18.99

Good for providing support in some kneeling poses, and lovely for keeping warm in corpse pose at the end of your workout!

Yoga kit for beginners yoga rug

And I think that just about wraps it up (no pun intended)! I’d love to know how you get on with creating your own yoga kit for beginners, and I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful. ‘Till next time!…

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  1. June 30, 2018 / 1:15 am

    I have been looking to try some yoga to help with flexibility and balance out my other work outs. Thank you for this great post on some basic supplies when you are starting on your yoga journey. I have not seen the blocks or strap talked about in other beginner yoga posts I have read so thank you!

    • Tara
      July 2, 2018 / 11:17 am

      They’re definitely worth giving a try Dale, they can be really helpful – thank you!

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