The Best Yoga Workouts For Complete Beginners

Best Yoga Workouts For Complete Beginners
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Yoga For Beginners:
5 Of The Best Yoga Workouts For Complete Beginners

Getting started with yoga when you’re a complete beginner can be a bit intimidating. But don’t let that put you off, because yoga can be the most amazing exercise ever, with a huge array of benefits! Despite the fact that it can sometimes appear to be complicated and somewhat mysterious, yoga can actually be a simple workout that’s accessible to everyone, and can slot into your lifestyle however you want it to. If you want to work up to being a fully fledged yogi who practices for an hour every day, that’s fantastic. Equally though, it’s also great if you just want to experiment with it and see how you get on, then fit it in where you can. I’m not here to tell you what you ‘must’ do!

One of the many great things about yoga, is that you can do it at home, for free, at any time you want. Even if you’re a complete beginner. This is largely thanks to YouTube and some of the amazing free workouts available there! However, you do have to be careful to chose YouTube vids by people who know what they’re talking about, and who won’t bore you to death before you’ve even started, or confuse you to the point where you just want to pack it all in immediately! Researching the best yoga workouts for complete beginners can be time consuming and rather boring. Fortunately though, you don’t have to, because I’ve done it for you!

Whichever workout you choose, I recommend watching it through all the way before you start if possible. If you don’t have the time for that, just watch a couple of minutes to get a feel for the pace and style of the video. If you’re starting from scratch, you might like to check out my favorite basic yoga poses for beginners before you start a full workout. However, if you’re ready to jump straight in, let’s go! Here are my 5 picks for the best yoga workouts for complete beginners. If you’re going to try them all out then I recommend going in roughly the order they’re listed in, but feel free to pick and mix or just start with whatever takes your fancy…

10 Minute Simple Yoga Sequence

This nice simple yoga flow sequence by Sarah Beth Yoga doesn’t actually say it’s for beginners, but don’t worry as it really is very simple and gentle – I think it’s a perfect introduction to yoga and one of the best yoga workouts for complete beginners. It incorporates most of the poses I went through in my 7 basic yoga poses for beginners post, so have a look at that first if you think it might help. Sarah Beth shows you a few modifications to make certain poses more or less challenging, so you could stick with this workout for a while and try to progress from the easier to the more difficult options. Even if you only go through this once or twice though, I think it’s a fantastic introductory workout to get started with.

(By the way – don’t worry about the fact that she has a yoga block sitting next to her if you don’t have one. You don’t actually need it!)

20 Minute Yoga Workout For Beginners… In Paradise

I would still enjoy watching this one even if it weren’t a good workout, simply for the amazing backdrop (it’s filmed in Thailand)! Fortunately though, Juliana of Boho Beautiful has also put together a lovely 20 minute sequence to stretch and relax your whole body. The pace of the flow is quicker than that in the previous 10 minute workout, but it’s still achievable for beginners, and there are plenty of modifications shown if you find some of the poses a touch challenging. The exercises are explained well, and Juliana comes across as a friendly and knowledgable teacher – in my opinion, this is definitely one of the best yoga workouts for complete beginners around.

Complete 60 Minute Yoga Workout For Complete Beginners

If you feel ready to take on a longer workout, this is a perfect yoga workout for beginners. Brett of Brett Larkin Yoga is an excellent teacher and very in tune with what complete beginners need in a workout. She explains everything very well, and keeps the pace pretty slow and gentle. You’ll still feel your heart rate get up a bit if you’re not used to exercising though – which is a good thing! For this workout, she recommends keeping something to use as a yoga strap (like a belt or scarf) and a pillow/cushion to hand, to help you out with some of the poses, but they’re not essential.

Even if you don’t have time to commit to a regular hour long workout, I recommend giving this a whirl if you can, as it’ll give you more of an opportunity to start to connect with your body than the shorter workouts. Trust me, you’ll feel really good by the time you get to the end!

20 Minute Yoga Sequence For Beginners

Yoga With Adriene is one of the most popular YouTube yoga channels of them all, and with good reason. Adriene is a great teacher and you kind of feel like you get to know her as you watch the video – so if you enjoy this workout, you’ll probably want to explore her channel and browse the HUGE range of workouts on there! I definitely recommend this workout, however I found this one just a tiny bit too much when I first started out as a total yoga newbie. It is definitely suitable for beginners, but I suggest trying out at least the first two above before moving on to this one, just to build up your confidence a little bit first.

Beginners Yoga Basic Breathing Sequence

This 10 minute workout with Tara Stiles has an emphasis on breathing, which is really helpful for beginners. I’ve always found co-ordinating my breathing with poses to be a little difficult, so it’s a good idea to be really aware of your breath right from the word go. Tara Stiles has a series of top-quality 10 minute workouts aimed at beginners, although I’d say that some of them are a bit much for complete beginners, at least until you feel confident enough to try out a few unfamiliar poses. They’re all really well explained though, and stylishly shot, so they’re a pleasure to watch.

So there you have it, five of the absolute best yoga workouts for complete beginners to get started with! Remember, don’t put any pressure on yourself, just fit in some yoga time where you can, and enjoy the process. I’d love to know how you get on, or if you have any other favorite yoga workouts for beginners, so please get in touch and let me know!

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